Thursday, June 12, 2014

The 9th Annual Lincoln Park Musis Festival Fundraising Campaign

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District proudly presents its first Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, for our 9th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival.  Crowd funding is the new wave fundraising which ushers in the digital-age process by incorporating the use of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).  This process helps Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) to globally spread our story which, in turn, will help us to raise funds for our cause.
First and foremost, our ability to continue to sponsor this event could not be achieved, over time, without your continual, generous and dedicated support. Now, it is time to spread the story of the Lincoln Park Music Festival, show the world the beauty and vitality that is being produced in the landmark Lincoln Park district of Newark, NJ.  We can create the necessary momentum – excite enough people to support our campaign while continuing to grow our legacy and ability to qualitatively promote this three-day cultural event.
JOIN us, as LPCCD continues to strive to make this 9th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival the ‘WOW’- event in the City of Newark. To contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, click here: Indiegogo Campaign